South Africa: Part 2

Wednesday – Friday

On Wednesday Natasha, a girl who works at the supplier Morgan was visiting, took me out for lunch and to two different game preserves- Seaview Predator Park and Kragga Kamma Game Park. On the drive to Seaview a group of monkeys (maybe 10 or so) ran across the road in front of us, sadly I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture!  We ate lunch at a restaurant right on the water called Barnacles. I tried Hake (a local fish) that was really good. Next we went to Seaview where we were able to check out the lions (white and regular), tigers, meerkats, servals, and caracals. Also, this is where I was able to pet the lion and tiger cubs! Honestly, when Natasha told me I could pet the lion/tiger cubs I was envisioning something a little smaller than these guys (they weigh almost as much as me and they are only 6 months old), but I figured I may only get the chance once so I still went for it. When it was my turn with them, Ice (the female white tiger cub) was playing in a pool of muddy water (and I didn’t really want to end up a mess) so I mainly tried to pet Igor (the white lion cub). When I first got in there he hopped up on my leg (which made me a little nervous), but the trainer just tapped his shoulder and told him no so he got down and didn’t do it again (thankfully!). Though Igor looks fluffy and soft, his fur was actually pretty course. In addition to the cats, you drive through the bush to get to the top of the hill (where the cats are) we got to see some Cape buffalo, giraffes, antelopes, warthogs, etc. We still had some time to kill before Morgan was out of work, so next we drove through Kragga Kamma. Here I got to see zebras, antelopes, ostriches, rhinos, warthogs, and cheetahs (who were having a snack themselves…). We stopped at the restaurant to have coffee and I tried milk tart (a South African dessert -kinda had the consistency of cheesecake but just tastes creamy and has cinnamon on top).  That evening Morgan picked up his Chinese colleagues from the airport and then we went to a local brewery for dinner.

Thursday and Friday Morgan worked hard and I stayed at the hotel, enjoying the sun and reading some more (I read War Brides and Inferno while we were there and I recommend both!). Thursday night after dinner we checked out the casino at the Boardwalk, never take us to Las Vegas.. we didn’t win anything. Friday night we met up with a group from the supplier for dinner and drinks. We tried out a shot called the Springbokkie (it is made of Amarula and crème de menthe)- it was delicious!