Karneval in Osnabrück

This past Saturday was the karneval celebration in Osnabrück. Karneval is a period of pre-lent festivities that is pretty common in most of Europe and South America (traditionally held in areas where there are larger Catholic populations… because we like to have fun!)…. also similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The main event here is the parade that was held Saturday afternoon. Everyone wears costumes and sings along to “Schlager” music. As the floats go by they throw out bags of popcorn (Morgan was pretty sad he missed out on this), candy, and other trinkets like jewelry. When the parade is over everyone goes to city center where there was a DJ playing music as well as lots of stands set up by local vendors selling drinks and snacks. It snowed most of the day which was pretty, but also meant it was chilly!

Over all it kind of felt like Clemson on a game day (plus Halloween costumes).. people start drinking pretty early in the day, there are port-a-potties set up every where, the bars and restaurants are packed, and everyone is in a good mood!