We took a break from unpacking/getting set up to participate in a Kohlgang that Morgan’s colleagues put together. The best way I can describe it is a 4 hour long walk down country roads playing a drinking game and you end the day with a pre-ordered family style meal made up of a few types of bratwurst, potatoes, and grünkohl (green cabbage). We took the train to Lemförde (the small town where Morgan’s office is) and met up with 15 of his work buddies. They already had the wagon full of two cases of beer and about 7 bottles of liquor. Everyone was given a shot glass (on a string around your neck) to keep your hands free for the game. We were divided into two teams and numbered 1 through 8. Taking turns, the ones went first (followed by twos, threes, etc), rolling the hockey puck looking piece of plastic (the center is metal) down the road. Then the whole group walks down the road until ou get to the point where the shortest roll went. If you accidentally walk past where the shortest roll went you have to take a shot (which was easy to do b/c it is white and there was still some snow/ice off the sides of the road). Also, any time you come to a cross street you have to take a shot and in between all the shots you drink beer. – I guess German’s haven’t heard of beer than liquor, never sicker!  It was such a cold day (-2 celcius) and snowing for the second half of the 4 hour walk. My feet were frozen!  I was so happy to make it to the restaurant. The dinner was delicious and was a great end to the day.