Training Trip – Day 7

Today I visited Philip’s parents in Bad Iburg with Philip and his girlfriend. The town of Bad Iburg is beatiful with an old castle near the city center. Philip’s parents were very nice and even had a Nikolaus present for me! Nikoluas day is on the 6th of December and is for children to get a treat from St. Nikolaus (Santa). Children will clean their boots and put them outside of their door. If they are good Nikolaus will give them candy but if they were naughty they will only receive sticks.

The visit comprised of coffee, delicious homemade holiday cookies and even homemade stollen. After the visit we dropped off Philip’s girlfriend so she could return home via carpool. We went back to Philip’s flat and ordered pizza and watched Tatort (a long standing crime investigation TV show here in Germany). It was actually really good and luckily I had Philip to fill me in when I didn’t understand what was going on. It is a two part show so I will need to watch the other part next Sunday.

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