August in Germany

When we got back to Germany (me from the US and Morgan from China), it finally felt like summer over here (when we left at the end of June it had been in the low 60’s and raining for the entire month). So any chance Morgan got he was having us ride our bikes (to the market, to city center for dinner, etc). The first Saturday I tried out some mettwurst (raw pork that has been cured and smoked) with onion surved on bread- this is actually pretty popular over here. It tasted pretty good, but the thought of raw pork still kinda freaks me out.  That night we went to the Wein Fest. We had a fun night trying out different local wines and listening to some live music.

Morgan was on vacation starting on my birthday, so he took me to brunch in a town near by – Bad Rothenfelde (a spa town) – and then for a walk around the Graduation Towers in town before heading to the pool.  Per Wikipedia….The salt water runs down the tower and partly evaporates; at the same time some minerals from the solution are left behind on the brushwood twigs. The mineral-rich water droplets in the air are regarded as having beneficial health effects similar to that of breathing in sea air.  It is supposed to promote good health, but the day after my birthday I woke up with a bad cold.. not so sure I’m convinced of the healing powers of the graduation towers yet! The pool complex was brand new. There was an indoorpool, an outdoor pool (this one was saltwater), and hot tubs in addition to having a cafe, saunas, a floor to get massages, etc. That night I got to skype with my parents, Kelly and Maggie.. it sure was nice to see everyone on my birthday!

Also while Morgan had time off (and before Todd arrived for his visit) we bought our outfits for Oktoberfest..I’ve got a picture of my dirndl below!


July at home

We were only in Germany for a few days before heading back to the airport to go home for vacation. It was so nice to get to spend time with our family and friends! We got to meet Isa (in person) for the first time, attend Mia’s baptism, celebrate birthdays, etc. Can’t wait to be back in December!