The Big Driving Trip – Melk Abbey & Vienna – July 21st

We got lucky and on the way out of Prague we spotted the dancing house. On the way to Vienna we stopped by Melk Abbey which is a huge Benedictine abbey which is even more impressive in person than it looks in pictures. It sits up on a hill overlooking the town of Melk on one side and the Danube River on the other.  The abbey was founded in 1089, but the current buildings were finished in 1736. It is most known for its frescos and its library filled with medieval manuscripts (you aren’t allowed to take pictures, so these are from the internet).   The library consists of 12 rooms with a total of 100,000 volumes, including 1888 manuscripts and 750 incunabula (printed works before 500). The main library room (that visitors can see) holds 16,000… so just a small fraction of their entire collection. The terrace connects the Marble room to the Library, and offered a really beautiful view of the river below. The last stop on the tour was the Abbey church, which is even more impressive than the Marble Room and the library.

We grabbed some snacks form a bakery and then got back on the road to Vienna. By the time we checked in to our Airbnb apartment and got into the city is was already dinner time, so we just did a little walking around town to get familiar with the layout out things before eating.  Just from our first walk around the town, we were struck by how clean and nice the town was. It is probably good our walk around town happened late in the day.. we saw some may nice art galleries and antique shops- is probably good they were already closed!