Sunday Funday: A walk up a mountain and Horses and Dreams

 Morgan left for China yesterday and I spent the day with a few of our friends going on a short hike/walk up a mountain near Osnabruck and then to the Horses & Dreams horse show in Hagen . From the top of the mountain we could see the castle in Bad Iburg (this is the same castle that Morgan visited in December) as well as Osnabruck (and several other towns) in the distance.

The show had jumping and dressage competitions and is the second largest horse show in Germany (I couldn’t get over how many people where there!). Between the various rings there were tents set up selling all kinds of horse riding related gear as well as really expensive clothes and accessories (some of the tents had chandeliers…). A lot of people brought their dogs with them- there were tons of Jack Russell’s.. which made me miss little Maggie! The theme this year was “Horses & Dreams meets Russia” so towards the end of the day the Kremlin Equestrian Riding School did a performance – they were amazing! I included some of my pictures below, but because I was missing my super-duper tall husband and we were in about the third row back standing up against the side of the ring, I could only see bits and pieces. 🙂